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1. Entry is all about COMPLIANCE of Customs//Agencies (US Stander) & it's very simple.  Questions Entry@ISFCustomsBroker.com / 800-710-1559.
.  a. 6-7 days BEFORE your cargo is in US, you will be receiving Final Document (Arrival-Notice/AN) from your Forwarder/Vessel/Carrier/Shpper/Supplier.  
.  b. Arrival-Notice has FINAL info's of cargo: Pick-up Locations (warehouse/port),  cost of Unloading from vessel & moving it warehouse/port (IF any) & Etc
.  c. After submitting your Arrival-Notice/AN, within 72 hours, Customs//Agencies will notify Duty/Tax, Exams-notice (IF any),  Subject-to Agencies (IF any) &  Etc
.  d. Again payment can be Check (personal/company)  or  Wire (info will be email with Invoice).  IF it's Time-Sensitive (Cargo in US,  Exam  or  Etc), only wire is accept it
Entry fee:
a. Service fee (Any US Ports) = $50
b. Customs Entry filing (Any US Ports) = $195  
c. US Customs Duty/Tax = (IF any)
HTC/HTS/Harmonized-Tariff-Code (after 2nd HTC/Supplier)  OR  call/email US Customs Import Specialist Team (Government/our Fees)
d. Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF)  (
.001250 X your invoice value) (ONLY-for-Sea-Shipments) (Government Fees)
e. Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF)  (
.003464 X your invoice value) (min of $25 and max of $485) (Government Fees)
IF  Subject-to: FDA, EPA/DOT, USDA, FWS & Etc.:   SUBJECT-to agency Document's processing $85  +  Messenger submission fee $45  (Government/our Fees)
IF  X-Ray inspection / Intense Examination / VACIS / IBET / CET / A-TCET & Etc.:  Exam Document's Processing $40 + Messenger submission $45 (Government/our Fees)
Service Agreement (if any) &  Continuous Bond (if any) or  SEB / Single Entry Bond Standard (if any)/  SEB+Subject-to (if any)/  SEB+ADD (if any) (Customs Requirement)
i.  IF you have own Continuous Bond  or  Single Entry Bond, please email us copy of the bond, before your entry is file with US Customs,  to avoid
RE-filing fee.

j.  Customs
Release Doc, Payment (check or wire only): PICK-UP your own shipment,  Trucking arrangement,  your Freight Forwarder LCL / FULL  &  your Warehouse.
k. Above are
LCL (LESS-container-load).    For FULL container &  AIR &  HHG/PE (personal USED) = Entry Filing $199 +Service $50 +above #3-11.     If Hand-Carried (click)
FYI of all international shipment, after unloading from vessel
.  a. LCL cargo are automatically place at CFS  warehouse, until Customs/Agencies has identify who, what & etc.  It could only pick-up by you or designate Individual//trucker.   
.  b. Full containers/Etc are automatically place at port//Terminal, until Customs/Agencies has identify who, what & etc. It could only pick-up by trucker with access permits only
ISF@ISFCustomsBroker.com / 800-710-1559.
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